Tico Timer


Tico Timer is a fun visual timer for children.

Select from ten different types of countdown available, from disappearing squares to a shrinking circle, and it will tell your child – in a visual way – how much time there is left till the task at hand is due, be it brushing teeth or finish getting dressed.

There are six original musical tracks to play along (and in sync) with the visuals on the screen.

Tico Timer is a great way for developing the sense of time in small children.


Plan Price Details
Tico Timer $0.99 Compatible with iOS devices.


January 27, 2014

As a four-year-old, Philip regularly practices his handwriting by writing letters and numbers on his worksheets. But sometimes, when the task requires him to work for a few minutes straight, he would easily get distracted. He would come up with excuses to stop whatever he’s doing and work on it later. To keep him focused on the task, I would sit next to him and set up a timer on my iPhone. Before I make the timer visible, I’d let him know how it works and that he will have enough time to complete the task before the timer goes…

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