Three Ring


Three Ring is a website that allows you to securely upload photos of student work. With Three Ring, you can sort by class, student, or custom tag to easily find the artifact you're looking for.

You can pull up a student's work for parent-teacher conferences, administrative meetings, formative assessment, or use as exemplars.

How it works:

With your smartphone, you can take a photo and tag it before you upload it. Take a picture while in class or grading.

After you're done, you can log into the website and see all the photos you've uploaded.

It's a simple way to focus on what matters: student work.


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Three Ring Free Three Ring is free for teachers!


July 17, 2013

In any 21st century classroom, positive and prompt parent-teacher communication is integral to student success. As explorers of the best tools for the job, we couldn’t have been happier when we stumbled upon Three Ring, by Three Ring Inc. This app is an incredibly powerful tool that allows teachers to create and securely share digital portfolios of the students in their classroom. The parents of our third grade students have fallen in love with how we’re using technology to connect our classrooms with the home environment. This application has transformed the way we interact and communicate with the parents…

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July 14, 2012

Allows you to take pictures or video of class projects, organize them on line and then assess them. It is a cool tool that will allow you to digitize student work very quickly.