The Miracle of Life


The Miracle of Life is a complete educational application, focused on the human body's cycle of life.

Available in both English and Spanish, its creation has been supervised by professionals in the fields of education and medicine. In a fun and entertaining manner, it explains the secrets of fertilization, gestation, and human growth.

Taking advantage of the iPad's capabilities, it includes interactive illustrations, games, and animation clips, which allow users to discover an entirely new form of learning.

New navigation gives the application a narrative continuity that captures the user's attention and motivates interaction.



  • The Great Race.
  • A Hostile Environment.
  • The Egg.
  • Conception
  • Segmentation


During the nine months of pregnancy, we can observe the changes in the mother's body and the evolution of the fetus up until the time of birth:

  • Twins.
  • Sonograms.
  • The Umbilical Cord.
  • Heartbeats.
  • Neurons.
  • The Birth.


A pleasant stroll through the stages that we all pass through from infancy to old age.

  • Birthrate Map.
  • Baby Teeth.
  • Beginning to Talk.
  • Growing
  • The Hormonal Revolution.
  • Body Formed.
  • Middle Age.


The application is rounded out by a fun educational game: You must help a tiny friend navigate through the female reproductive system. Your mission: fertilize the egg. To do this, you must complete five exciting phases, loading up on energy and speed to overcome all of the difficulties you will find along the way.


Plan Price Details
The Miracle of Life Lite Free Compatible with iPad.
The Miracle of Life $4.99 Compatible with iPad.


November 2, 2012

Great for kids/parents/teachers on the subject of human development, a beautiful designed, easy to use App!!