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The Literacy Shed is home to a wealth of visual resources that I have collected over my 10 year career as a primary school teacher. I trawl youtube, vimeo and other sites looking for suitbale resources to use in the sheds. The sheds are broadly thematic but sometimes a resource could go in 2 or more sheds, I slot it in where I think it works best.

Most of the resources can be used in KS1 and KS2 but some do lend themselves to the upper age group and above. The aim is to provide high quality resources that can be used in stand alone literacy lessons, can form the basis for a whole literacy unit or can support literacy units that you already have in place. With the many book based activities I would advocate using the book alongside the digital resource.


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September 3, 2012

The Literacy Shed is actually a shed, eh blog full of animated segments of well known movies and clips. You can get lost in a "shed" with all the great video collection. Presenting video in the classroom has more advantages than anything else. I usually have something ready for times when my students are simple NOT in the lesson. Watching an animated film will more often than not turn out better than following the textbook/coursebook. When I gain the student's attention then it's only a matter of a few simple tweeks to teach or revise whatever I want.

The Shed however does not simply provide the clips in an organised way, the author has provided roadmaps for practically each post form his own experience as an educator. It's rather safe to say that even if students visit the site they won't come across anything inappropriate. However, some work must be done to find the video clip that would most likely "agree" with your students at a specific time.

I would definitely recommend teachers and educators to take a look. They will certainly find a rich amount of content.