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All teachers would benefit from a tool that allows them to gauge understanding in the classroom while teaching a new concept in the classroom. Engaging students in a hands- on way, giving more reluctant students an opportunity to show what they know during class time, can provide teachers with timely and crucial data that drives instruction, and positively impacts learning.

Go Interactive: No prep time. Just simply send a response type to the students, who in turn respond to the question asked of them. No setting up of questions, no emailed reports, just accurate timely data when you need it most. With 6 different types of questions, a fabulous draw feature, and pop up display of responses for classroom discussion, Go Interactive is an awesome formative tool for teachers.

The Answer Sheets: At some point, a graded test of quiz is probably inevitable. Use that paper quiz that you already have to test the skills that you taught, set up the answer key and have the students TAP the answers and show their work on the answer pad. No more grading. On-line reports at your fingertips to track progress over time.

Web based for teachers, web or iPad app called TAPit Free for students- a free tool to help teachers engage their students and gather important data to track progress. Content agnostic and free for one teacher, up to 8 classes and 200 students. All teachers must register at TheAnswerPad.com to get started.


The Answer Pad
Both website and iPad app TAPit Free are free.


David Kapuler

Monday, January 21, 2013

A fantastic way to capture student data by creating tests online then using the free iPad app for students/teachers to take/assess data.

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