Building an edtech application? We made it easy.

Finally a full stack edtech platform.

Whether you’re building a complete learning system or an educational game, Teech helps you to reduce time to market of your apps.

Flexible backend

Teech’s backend is very flexible. You can create your custom objects or add any field to existent ones. Use the default module object to shape courses, lectures and so on.

Built-in analytics

Every edtech application needs a way to analyze students performances. With Teech you can integrate in your app both classroom and students analytics in minutes.

Real time

Whether you’re making an LMS or an educational game, real time functionality is fundamental to create more engaging way of teach and learn. You need just our API and libraries.

Materials management

Teech let you manage didactic materials in the easy way. You can create open-endend questions, multiple choice quiz, import media resources from the web or upload your own files.


If you’re building a complete learning systems rather than a game, sure you will need enrollments. Teech’s built-in enrollment system let you manage students enrollments without panic.


Just like for analytics you can’t build an edtech application without a grading system. Teech let you manage grades in four different ways: pass/fail, letters, points and percentage.


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