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TeachersPayTeachers® is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original downloadable educational materials, hard goods and used educational resources.


Plan Price Details
Standard Membership Free Download free resources, Buy products from the catalog, Rate and comment on products
Premium Seller Upgrade $59.95/yaer Download free resources, Buy products from the catalog, Rate and comment on products, Sell items and earn royalties, Unlimited product postings, No transaction fees, Homepage product placement, Higher royalties


teacher, instructor
September 2, 2012

I too am a high school English teacher as well as an Online university instructor. I was one of the first teachers to sign up as a buyer and a seller for Teachers pay Teachers when it was first developed and founded by Paul Edelman. This site is easy to use and is categorized into all grade levels, subject matter, and most popular lesson plans.

There is a Wish List tab and a Shopping Basket tab where you can store your items. There is also a method of getting a quick sample glimpse of a particular lesson or handout. For busy teachers who need something unique and quickly, this classy site is for you. The only downside is that there are so many choices so the need is there to carefully delineate what you are looking for.

August 31, 2012

There are plenty of free or inexpensive resources on this site. As a teacher, I have created hundreds of worksheets over the years and I could have (1) saved myself some time by using worksheets on this site for the basic practice activities and (2) made a little extra cash with some of my more impressive worksheets. I still haven't uploaded anything to sell, but I have downloaded several worksheets. I am thinking when I do post a worksheet, I can use the proceeds to benefit the clubs that I sponsor at school.

Middle school Language Arts Teacher
August 30, 2012

Teachers Pay Teachers is a great way to make a little extra money for materials that are original to you. I started uploading files on Teachers Pay Teachers last August and have added to my collection since then. I still only have about 30 files posted, but have sold about $200 in digital goods since then. The email that says, "You have sold a product" always makes me smile because I feel like someone else can benefit from my lesson planning and creation of materials, while giving me a little financial backing for that.

All materials can be uploaded for free or a purchase price can be set. After that, it is as easy as choosing the content areas, appropriate grades, providing a brief summary, and then uploading the files.

Users can rank the materials they purchase, leaving feedback for others that may look to purchase the same items!

August 30, 2012

Teachers pay Teachers is one of the first places I "stop" when I'm developing a new unit or preparing to teach a new novel. The lessons are developed by working teachers, who have tried and polished them in actual classrooms. I find the lessons are far more practical and much easier to implement than many commercially available teaching guides. It is very easy, and affordable, to purchase teaching tools and edit them to my own requirements. I highly recommend this website to both new and experienced teachers.

July 26, 2012

I am a high school English teacher and I also sell my lessons on TeachersPayTeachers.

It is an excellent site for teachers to find exactly what they need and download it instantly. Every teacher who sells on the site must list at least one free resource (but most teachers have numerous free downloads), so there are thousands of great freebies. I offer many of mine in a Word or Powerpoint format so the lessons can be customized by the teacher to suit their needs. Most of the resources have been tested in an actual classroom and many are already aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The site is now accepting purchase orders and site licenses, as well.

I would recommend (and have recommended) this site to anyone in education. School districts can save so much money on resources because teachers charge only a fraction of what big publishers charge.