Fluid and fun school planner that students absolutely love! That’s why 80% of our users use Studyo every day, 5 to 7 times a day. Schools have adopted Studyo to replace paper planners and other solutions, complementing their admin systems.

Your daily dashboard, with individual tasks displayed within course periods, like no other calendar or todo app

Share your configuration or tasks with others. Great for teachers.

Never forget anything again with the innovative timeline view which shows ongoing and upcoming tasks. Including personal tasks.

And so much more:

  • Display and interact with the iPad’s built-in calendars
  • Cloud-enabled accounts so you never lose data
  • Adapts to any schedule, as complex as it may be, including rotating day schedules, and including ped days, holidays or events.
  • Tasks are displayed both on their entry date and due date in day view.

This is a huge upgrade from our previous product, Cogito which was already well received.


Plan Price Details
Studyo Free Free for use.


May 13, 2016

Well, we wrote the tool, so we’re biased. Our customers tell us that students really enjoy Studyo as their daily planner and teachers tell us they love it’s simplicity and the fact that it helps students get organized and plan ahead, not just manage due dates. Parents also appreciate it for the weekly reports.