Studyladder is a site that provides educational resources across a wide range of subjects. It was created by a team of experienced school teachers who could not find the resources they needed on-line. It provides parents and teachers with resources to help students learn. Studyladder is now used by over 400,000 teachers worldwide and was awarded the 2012 “Best Website for Teaching and Learning” by the prestigious AASL (American Association of School Librarians a division of the American Library Association). The standard version of Studyladder is free for teachers and parents to use.


Plan Price Details
Free Home and School Use Free Limited access. For homes, 2-6 students. For schools, 10-1000 students.
Premium Access, Single Student $88/year Unlimited access. For 1 student.
Premium Access, Multiple Students $176/year Unlimited access. For 2-6 students.


Instructional Technology Facilitator
May 3, 2016

This site has lots of resources for teachers to use for free. There is a premium option, but the free option is not so limited that teachers can’t use it.