Stroome is the world's most comprehensive collaborative online video editing community. A place where anyone with a camera and a point of view can polish, publish and promote their content to a potential audience of millions.

With Stroome, you can:

  • Upload your content to the site so that it's immediately accessible to the community
  • Grab clips from the largest collaborative, rights-cleared clip pool on the web
  • Connect to other aspiring and established content providers, editors, and producers
  • Edit and remix your content with your network of friends and colleagues in real time
  • Publish those edits and remixes to all the popular social networks

When we were coming up with the idea for the world's most collaborative editing site, we wanted a name that would work as both a noun and a verb. Much in the same way people now say, "Google it," we want people to say, "Stroome me," when they have some great content they want to share. Of course, we didn't have the word 'Stroome' yet.

But the Dutch did—'Stromen.' It means 'to move freely,' which is exactly what we want our site to facilitate—the movement of ideas, points of view and content freely between people. We played with the spelling a bit, but the name was perfect.


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