StorySmith: Medieval Kingdom HD


Create your own fairy tale or fantasy adventure with beautiful HD illustrations and amazing multi-touch tools. Combine together any combination of castles, princesses, queens, knights, dragons, wizards, and other characters and props to create your own unique piece of art. Then, become the author as bring your story to life by adding text.

StorySmith is similar to “Story Maker HD”, which also allows you to create stories.


  • 8 backgrounds
  • 25 props
  • 9 characters (princess, queen, archer, prince, knight, ogre, dragon, halfling, wizard)


  • Add pages
  • Add and customize story text per page
  • Special character support for writing in French, Spanish, and other Latin based languages.
  • Use speech-to-text to author your story.
  • Great story time activity–create with your child.
  • Promotes creative writing.
  • A great way to get kids excited about reading, writing, and art.


Plan Price Details
StorySmith: Medieval Kingdom HD $0.99 Compatible with iPad.


January 31, 2013

A fun site for digital storytelling in a fantasy setting.