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The Screen Actors Guild Foundation is proud to bring you Storyline Online, an on-line streaming video program featuring SAG members reading childrens books aloud! Each book includes accompanying activities and lesson ideas.


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Storyline Online Free This app is designed for iPad.


November 18, 2015

Sometimes it’s nice to have a read aloud read by someone other than you. But it’s also hard to find videos online that are reasonably priced and good quality if your school doesn’t have a subscription to a database. Storyline Online is the answer to that. It is an amazing site developed by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation where actors read picture books. The video quality is awesome, the reading is very well done and the book choice is perfect. So far my class has loved every book we’ve watched and we will definitely be watching…

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Sales n Marketer
July 29, 2013

Yes..Helpful tool ans children love that book and audio.It should have more stories.

July 22, 2013

The Screen Actors Guild Foundation sponsors this website, which features professional and well-known actors reading children’s books. Stories begin with an introduction by the actor, then images of the book are displayed while the book is being read. There are about 25 stories available. Some stories are deleted, which is a negative aspect of this resource.