Story Wars


Story Wars is a place where random writers with amazing ideas in their head come to express their thoughts.

Any person can pitch an idea and create a story, but the moment the story is published, it is no longer truly theirs, but it is adopted by the Story Wars Community. Different users can write a chapter to a story that they like and want to contribute to. The twist is that for your chapter to be official, it has to be voted in. By going up against different authors, you actually have to try. Because of that, you slowly start to become a better writer.

If you want to stop writing a certain book, you can. You can give it to the hands of the community, and watch it flourish into something beautiful.

In short, Story Wars is a place that challenges you to be the best that you can be, while having fun and enjoying the experience.


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Story Wars Free Free for use.


September 5, 2016

Since I am the developer of Story Wars I am not very objective. However we have 4.5 rating on Chrome Web Store and we have really found that our users love it. The reason why I build Story Wars was to help develop your story writing skills and to share your stories and ideas while they are not perfect and to see what other people can come up with from your stories.