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Educational Tool For The iPad
Receive the benefits of Montessori math materials on an iPad. Teaches multi-digit addition and subtraction in a visual form, leading to deeper understanding. Great for Montessori and more traditional classrooms — extra practice at home and for homeschoolers.

“Both Stamp Game and Place Value are wonderfully educational math applications you will not regret buying if your child is learning to add/subtract large numbers or if they are getting into place values. Montessori tech is marrying methods that are timeless with the technology of today and doing so beautifully”

Recent comments on the MontessoriTech blog include:

“We are a homeschooling Montessori family. After receiving our iPad this Christmas I went straight to Montessori apps for downloads. Our children love your creation! The layout is simple and effective. Now we have math-on-the-go!”

“. . . this app is great.”

Stamp Game for the iPad is an innovative new incarnation of a classic “Montessori” math “game.” It was designed as a lesson aid for children progressing from concrete to abstract thinking.

This Stamp Game app was created collaboratively by incorporating ideas from Montessori teachers, parents, IT professionals, and perhaps most importantly, Montessori and more traditionally schooled children themselves.

After children master a basic understanding of addition, subtraction and place value, they can explore solving problems with multi-digit numbers while playing this virtual stamp game. Carrying and borrowing becomes a visual math learning experience using the Stamp Game app.

Children will be able to:
– Manipulate on-screen stamp icons in this highly accessible virtual environment
– Perform four digit addition and subtraction problems with ease
– See a visual representation of carrying and borrowing from one place value to another
– Develop and deepen the understanding of math operations

Through options screens, teachers and students can follow a learning progression increasing in complexity based on lessons designed as part of the Montessori math curriculum.

History of the stamp game: Dr. Maria Montessori originally created the stamp game using postage stamps. Then mosaic tiles and eventually wooden tiles started being used in Montessori classrooms throughout much of the 20th century and into the 21st. Next comes the Stamp Game for the iPad!

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Recommended Ages: 4-7, 8-10
Categories: Math, Addition, Subtraction


Plan Price Details
Stamp Game $4.99 Compatible with iOS devices.