Here are some of the limitations of OTHER MEASURING APPS:

  • Measure height-ONLY if you know distance
  • Measure distance-ONLY if you know height
  • Measure height and distance-ONLY on level ground
  • Measure height or width-ONLY if you are standing at the same height, and directly in front of the object
  • Measure height or width-ONLY with a frame of reference in the picture

SpectaRuler is the measuring app that eliminates these limitations!

As long as an object is upright, with SpectaRuler you can measure from higher, lower, the left, and the right!


  • Ruler and Range Finder in one app
  • Measure upright objects
  • Measure small & large objects
  • No reference required in pictures
  • Measure across uneven surfaces
  • Measure objects that are higher or lower
  • Measure objects without standing in front of them

PLEASE be sure to follow the instructions.

OK – This all sounds amazing, but how is this possible?

  • SpectaRuler uses your shoe size and step count as a frame of reference to measure objects around you.
  • Simply take your first measurement(s), take some heel to toe steps, and take your second measurement(s). You choose the # of steps. Typically, more steps take longer, but will reduce measurement uncertainty. Fewer steps will be faster, but will increase measurement uncertainty.
  • Since shoes can slightly vary in length, if you notice the measurement results to be slightly too large, try DECREASING the shoe size by 1/2 to 1 size. If you notice the measurements to be too small try increasing shoe size.


Plan Price Details
SpectaRuler $2.99 Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.