Capture ideas and collaborate together in real time! Designed alongside musicians and artists Soundtrap Capture, by Spotify, is a collaborative app for on-the-go music capture, songwriting and creation.

Sketch ideas by using Soundtrap Capture to record, layer, edit and share beats and songs whenever inspiration strikes. Invite friends, music makers and your collaborators by sharing links over messaging apps, email or social media, easily and intuitively.

Music is everywhere. Capture it!

Soundtrap Capture Features:

• Record music, write songs, and sample sounds on the go, online or offline.

• Layer recordings, instrumentals and vocals over one another to sketch out songs.

• Invite and connect with your collaborators by simply sharing a link to your project.

• Keep the creative momentum by listening, quickly recording and layering together with your collaborators.

• Import your existing projects and audio files; m4a, mp3 and wav.

• Never lose your ideas, all projects are backed up to the cloud.


Plan Price Details
Soundtrap Free Free for use.