SOPHIA creates a vibrant learning community that empowers students to learn in their own way, helps teachers to innovate, and provides an opportunity to achieve an affordable college degree.

We are surrounding the traditional classroom with a worldwide classroom that connects people who want to learn with people willing to teach.

SOPHIA is a first-of-its-kind social education platform created to reach 21st century students: digital natives who grew up with Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube in a highly interactive and personalized digital world.

We believe that a social learning experience, one that encourages exploratory and cooperative learning, is an opportunity to make higher education more affordable. At SOPHIA, we are putting students on a path to a lower cost college degree.

SOPHIA is made possible by Capella University. Capella supports innovative and affordable pathways that extend access to education on a broad scale.

SOPHIA shares Capella's drive to help educators and students succeed. With online academic tools to enhance learning, SOPHIA empowers students and teachers by:

  • Offering more than 25,000 free tutorials created by hundreds of teachers and experts. Because tutorials are taught in a variety of ways, students can learn in a way that fits their individual learning styles.
  • Serving as a platform for education innovation, specifically the flipped classroom. The flipped classroom model encourages teachers to develop tutorials for students to watch as homework, freeing up valuable classroom time for more individualized, interactive learning in class. Teachers can become Flipped Classroom Certified with SOPHIA's free certification program.
  • Providing a path to a lower-cost college degree through the SOPHIA Pathways for College Credit program. SOPHIA's online pathways correspond with Capella general education requirements for bachelor's programs, and are a fraction of the cost of traditional college courses.


Plan Price Details
SOPHIA Free Free for use.


Elementary Educator
September 16, 2013

I was trained in the flipped classroom training. Fabulous for getting free PD.

October 24, 2012

Flipped Class learning tool. Houses my videos, ppts and documents. I can have students submit work via googledocs.

Great remediation tool when using the Pathways feature.