Solar Walk Lite: Planetarium 3D


Solar Walk Lite is an astronomical application that turns your device into the interactive planetarium. With this wonderful 3D model of our Solar system you can take a trip to outer space and explore the immense scale of the Universe we live in.

Lite version of the well-known space application Solar Walk is absolutely free and contains all the main features and objects of our Solar system.

– Love astronomy?
– Want to know more about our Solar system and planets?
– Ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut and flying into space?
– Looking for some educational tool to teach children astronomy?

Solar Walk Lite is something you definitely need:

● Absolutely free: no In-App Purchases
● Small in size
● No Internet connection required
● Easy to use
● Stunning graphics and visuals

What Users say:

“Excellent! First-rate tour of the Solar neighborhood. Don’t miss!” – by Hamlet

“I’m fall in love with this app. I love it! Thanks a lot.” – by Béymar Háenz

“The best app ever.” – by Andrei Satova

“Great app..It is a must have if you are interested in exploring what is outside Earth frontiers.” – by Joe Rivers

Main Features:

► Wonderful 3D model of our Solar system. Realistic space view with real-time positions, order, size of celestial bodies and their orbits.

► Every celestial body has extensive information and gallery with real photos taken by telescopes or NASA spacecraft.

► Orrery Mode on/off – to see the schematic or realistic sizes and distances between the solar system objects.

► Anaglyph 3D on/off – if you have anaglyph 3D glasses you can choose this option to navigate through the Solar system and enjoy the beauty of space in 3D.

► Zoom-in to see objects in close up and zoom-out to see where our Solar system positioned in Galaxy.

► 3D models in the application are based on scientific data collected by ESA and NASA spacecraft and ground-based telescopes.

Solar Walk Lite:

– Pocket planetarium
– 3D model of our Solar system
– Interactive space encyclopedia
– Exciting way to learn about the Solar system for kids and adults
– Virtual flights through the Universe
– Fantastic view of our galaxy the Milky Way

Try this amazing astronomy app right now and get a little closer to our wonderful Universe!


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Solar Walk Lite:Planetarium 3D Free Free mobile app.