SmartMusic is award-winning interactive music software that provides the ideal practice environment. With a subscription to SmartMusic, students have unlimited access to the world’s largest accompaniment library for all ages and skill levels, which includes thousands of pieces of music.

Students open an assignment from their teachers, which contains customized instructions for playing a particular piece of music.

  • As the music appears on the screen, they play or sing along with background accompaniment.
  • Following each performance, SmartMusic provides an immediate assessment, displaying the notes that students performed correctly in green and the notes they performed incorrectly in red.
  • Students record and listen to each performance to hear how they really sound and how their part fits within the whole.
  • When they are satisfied with their performance, they send a recording to their teacher who can assess, score, and build a portfolio to track their progress over time.


Plan Price Details
Educator Subscription $140/year What if you could provide individualized instruction for each student?
Student Subscription $36/year What if you could play along with background accompaniment at home?


Jr./Sr. Music Teacher
July 25, 2014

SmartMusic is a product of Makemusic, Inc. It is an outstanding tool for music instruction, practice, and music teacher classroom management. The features are always being updated and improved with the most cutting edge music technology. The only stumbling block for people may be that it is subscription based. I use it with some practice room subscriptions. $44.00/year To send and manage “assignments” a Teacher subscription is required $140.00/year, but worth “every dollar.” Students Subscriptions give the student full access to any device with the SmartMusic software or iPad app installed. $40.00/year

Just this past year an iPad app was released and with the coordination of Finale (music notation software) this program is infinitely powerful.

If you are looking for a music tool that will give you “performance data,” this is the ticket!

Instrumental Music Teacher, Tech Guru, Early Adopter
April 24, 2012

Interactive assessment software for musicians. Play along with recordings, hone fundamental skills, and practice sight reading. Works for instrumental and vocal music. Teachers can assign playing assignments to students, listen, and provide assessment. Software provides assessment and immediate feedback to musicians. Includes gradebook and parent communication functionality.