Smart Seat


We love efficiency, simplicity, and productivity. We know your time is valuable. And we believe using paper for your seating charts is absolutely crazy!

This app lets you create seating charts with desks on a grid, record and export attendance, choose random students for class participation, make student notes, and store student photos all in one place. Move students around by dragging and dropping students. Generate a PDF version of your seating charts (with photos) as a backup or to give to substitute teachers. Take role easily by tapping on absent, tardy, or excused students. Create spreadsheets of your class attendance records and then easily transcribe the records to your school’s attendance system. Load student photos to help you quickly learn student names. Make notes about each student. Export student records to e-mail. Create a fully custom desk layout by starting with a grid pattern that you choose, then hide selected desks. Go paperless!


  • Load student names using three options: from e-mail attachment, type in, or copy and paste. See our website FAQ for more info.
  • Drag and drop students to change seating arrangement.
  • Choose how you want your seating chart to look: show student nicknames, full names, or photos plus nickname.
  • Export and print PDF seating charts.
  • Record attendance by simply tapping on the student to mark Absent, Tardy, or Excused. Default state is Present.
  • View, export, and print a spreadsheet of class attendance records for a range of dates that you select (up to 1 year).
  • Choose students at random for class participation and class discussion.
  • Use the “flashcard” feature to quickly learn student names. Toggle between photos and names by tapping on the class title at the top of the seating chart.
  • Tap on a student to access attendance history, notes, and to load a photo using your mobile device’s photo album or camera.
  • Use the classroom layout screen to change the number of rows and columns by panning up/down and left/right.
  • Customize classroom layouts by creating a grid pattern for your desks, and then hiding selected desks.
  • Scramble option allows instant creation of new seating arrangement.
  • Add new students to class roster.
  • Maximum size desk layout is 10×10 for iPhone/iPod touch and 20×20 for iPad.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, iOS 5.0 or later (except iOS 6, for now). 2nd generation iPod touch no longer supported.


  • Delete students by swiping student name in roster.
  • To save a PDF copy of your seating chart in Dropbox, install the free Dropbox app. From the seating chart tap More, Chart Options, View PDF Chart, and tap the export button in the upper right corner.
  • If your .txt file is not loading, copy the list of student names directly from your email. Create a class in Smart Seat using the “Type or Paste Names” option.


Plan Price Details
Smart Seat $3.99 Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.