SMART lab: Learning Activities


Join and play educational games and activities in class! Students work together and compete against classmates in Monster Quiz, contribute to class discussions with Shout It Out, test their understanding with SMART response 2, and practice key concepts with a variety of other SMART lab activities.

The SMART lab app helps students connect to activities faster. Like, students join by typing in the teacher’s class ID or by selecting from a list of previously played class IDs. Save valuable class time getting all students ready to participate with a quick one touch access to join.

What is SMART lab?

SMART lab empowers teachers to quickly create a variety of engaging games and activities using content that align to learning objectives for students. Activities can be played on a SMART Board at the front of the class, or they can be completed by students at their own pace on their personal devices with the SMART lab app. Not only are students having fun, teachers can also formatively assess and collect data on student performance to gain valuable insight on how best to tailor instruction to meet student needs.

What Teachers Are Saying about SMART lab Activities

“My students love Monster Quiz,” said Ronald Fisher, fourth grade teacher at Century Elementary in Bear River City, Utah. “By taking elements of other gaming applications, my lessons are now truly interactive and I’ve seen more of my students excited and engaged than ever before.”

How It Works

The teacher creates quick engaging activities using SMART lab in SMART Notebook.
A unique class ID is shared with students to connect and participate in collaborative activities or to play activities as individual practice.
Students join on their own devices using the SMART lab app to play the current activity started by the teacher.
As the teacher starts new activities, students follow along and automatically start to play the new activity.

Key Features

Play SMART lab activities like sorting, matching, and ranking
Contribute text and images to class discussions
Engage with fun and collaborative quiz-based games
Multiple choice, short answer, and multi-answer questions
Personalized reporting for students


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SMART lab: Learning Activities Free Free mobile app.


7th Math Teacher
January 7, 2018

This is a GREAT tool to use in the classroom to engage students and assess understanding. If you have SMART Notebook Learning Suite, you need to add this to your classroom devices or have the students add it their devices.