SlideIdea is a mobile app that redefines the presentation experience. Slides are simple to use, fast to create, and highly interactive.

Existing presentation tools, designed for laptops/desktops, make slides time consuming to create, difficult to share, and boring to observe. They fail to take advantage of the advances in cloud technology through mobile devices.

Cut your design time in half by using SlideIdea’s smart widget & template technology. Templates are free to download, always-updating, and can help you spend less time designing and more time practicing your pitch.

Using SlideIdea, an audience can interact with the speaker’s presentation live-time by participating in polls, sending questions/comments, or providing feedback using their own mobile devices. SlideIdea’s interactive cloud technology lets speakers broadcast their presentation to users’ smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Unique Features

  • Create: SlideIdea’s smart widget and template technology makes slide creation an absolute breeze. Add widgets and beautiful cloud templates with a single touch.
  • Interaction: SlideIdea allows the speaker to engage an audience through their mobile device. Designed to accommodate mobile device users, SlideIdea helps the presenter engage listeners through the use of smart phones, laptops, or tablets.
  • Mobility: Freedom to be wherever, whenever. SlideIdea is designed to create, interact, and share on the go.


Plan Price Details
SlideIdea Free Compatible with iOS devices.


September 27, 2013

A fantastic iPap app for creating engaging presentations w/ the ability to poll or play games w/ presenter.