A free, user-generated source of step-by-step solutions to homework problems in popular math and science textbooks.

PreAlgebra through Calculus books supported, along with most AP Science level textbooks. Students can also connect with the users who contribute solutions or each other for further support, both through comments on solutions, general Q&As around specific topics, or in real-time chat.

How It Works

Users view and share original answers and work for high school textbooks, join academic classes, post homework assignments, and discuss subject-specific questions with their peers and classmates on the Slader site. Slader offers an alternative to expensive tutors and costly after-school programs. It ensures that every student has access to the academic resources that secure success.

By Students, For Students

Slader is written by students, for students. Our community writes and votes on all content submitted to the site. Slader provides a platform for several academic subjects, which means that every student is able to contribute and collaborate on the subjects that they excel in. Slader removes geographic boundaries, creating an online study group that students can control themselves.

Revolutionizing Education

Slader believes that students are responsible for their own education. We force educators away from the “busy work” model of education, towards one based on mastery of the material. Education cannot and should not be defined by “right answers” and the amount of work assigned. Rather, it should be about individual student comprehension and conceptual understanding. Slader allows students to share their tutorials and expertise with their peers. It’s a study group based in the twenty-first century.

On Slader, every user is a contributor to the site. Contributing solutions to a textbook or discussing The Great Gatsby improves skills and understanding, as well as providing positive reinforcement. Slader believes in rewarding the community for its involvement and participation. Users who contribute original content share in the revenue generated by their solution. Anyone can contribute to Slader. It’s the pay-off for getting involved in your education.


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