A simple way to place useful, formative classroom lessons over any Web page.

SideVibe is a breakthrough Web technology that allows anyone, for example a teacher, to create Web based online activities, pose questions or even host threaded discussions that can literally float over any Web page. All the user activity and interactions are collected at the SideVibe Website where teachers can use our Feedback tools to read, assess and respond back to a student or ad hoc group of students.

The Web is the richest source of content for educators and SideVibe enables teachers to create learning activities on the screen in direct proximity to Web content without the problems of paper handouts or 3rd party Web systems like BLOGs and Wikis. Student thinking in context is captured providing for more focussed attentive and productive responses. As well, teachers can easily gather, view, assess and respond to all student responses through their secure SideVibe Website, providing teachers with faster, more effective methods for online feedback.


Plan Price Details
SideVibe Free SideVibe is 100% free for teachers and provides for unlimited student accounts, also all free.


May 22, 2012

Great for taking web content and turning into quizzes/lesson plans.