Learn, teach and explore different types of 3D solids and help students understand geometry in a pleasant way.

‘Shapes’ uses the power of mobile devices to enhance teacher capabilities and provide possibilities to show things that cannot be shown with physical tools. It can help to create interest and enthusiasm in school mathematics classes at all levels.

The app was verified and approved by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan. It was specifically prepared to support the teacher in the classroom, but can also be used as a tool for self-study. From now on there is a save and print option available for each net so that the kids can explore solids outside the app and improve their manual skills as well.

Discover a fascinating world of solids like prisms, pyramids, solids of revolution and Platonic solids. Start from the simplest and gradually explore the most complex ones. Engage your students with a new Nets Creator mode. Let them build solids from scratch and discover hundreds of unique net combinations.

‘Shapes’ features:

  • Select 27 unique shapes
  • Choose from a variety of: prisms, pyramids, Platonic solids and solids of revolution
  • Unfold shapes into different net combinations
  • Learn about number of faces, edges and vertices for each solid
  • Build solids from scratch in Nets Creator mode
  • Explore transparent surfaces mode
  • Highlight the vertices and edges
  • Color selected elements
  • Use simple gesture control
  • Rotate the shapes in any direction
  • Zoom in and out by pinch and spread gestures
  • Align to basic position by double tap
  • Save and print chosen net

Note: ‘Shapes’ does not contain advertising, in-app purchases or any other downloadable content.

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Plan Price Details
Shapes - 3D Geometry Learning $3.99 This app is designed for iOS, Android, and Mac.