Shake-a-Phrase: Fun With Words and Sentences


Shake-a-Phrase is a fun language app for creative writing prompts, vocabulary, and parts of speech practice. Perfect for learning and laughing in the classroom or on-the-go, it features over 2,000 words and definitions in 5 engaging themes for ages 8+.


  • SHAKE IT: creates a new random sentence every time you shake – great for discovering new words. Not sure what a word means? Just tap for definitions!
  • STORY STARTER: shake up the beginning of a story and let your imagination take over.
  • QUIZ ME: test your skills with adjectives, verbs, nouns, prepositions and conjunctions. Tap on the right words to get points and gain levels.

The addictive language fun in Shake-a-Phrase will encourage children to:

  • Read the silly, entertaining sentences
  • Discover the meanings of unfamiliar words
  • Create their own writing projects
  • Test their knowledge of verbs, adjectives, nouns, prepositions and conjunctions
  • Share language arts fun with friends and family


  • 2,000+ age-appropriate vocabulary words, compiled by teachers and parents
  • Designed for iPhone and iPad – a universal app
  • Story Starter prompts suitable for classroom projects
  • 5 colorful, inspiring content themes: Sports, Animals, Fairytale, Monsters and Starter
  • Customizable Quiz game tests your knowledge of nouns, adjectives, verbs, prepositions and conjunctions, in any combination you select
  • Correct and incorrect answers are easy to see
  • Correct quiz answers are rewarded with an audible ping and bonus icons as the levels increase – no penalty for wrong answers
  • Save the most hilarious sentences to your Faves library
  • Email, SMS, or tweet your favorite wacky sentences to your friends


The game designers at Artgig Apps come from a background of educational software development and we put lots of TLC into every detail of each app we crete to ensure a fun and engaging learning experience. We include kids, parents and teachers in our app development and testing to make sure our apps are exceptional tools that kids want to use again and again.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback.

Video Demo:

For more about using Shake-a-Phrase in the classroom:

Thanks for trying Shake-a-Phrase!


We at Artgig Apps are parents ourselves, and we hold your privacy and the privacy of your child in the highest regard.

We comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).


  • Does not share your personal information with us or anyone else.
  • Does not include ads, or in-app purchases.
  • Includes feedback links and links to the Artgig Apps website within the app.
  • Includes sharing features in the app, that allows users to email or message a phrase, or connect with Twitter, if logged in.
  • Uses analytics to collect anonymized user data for general information about how people use our apps.


Plan Price Details
Shake-a-Phrase: Fun With Words and Sentences Free Compatible with iOS devices.
Shake-a-Phrase $1.99 Compatible with Android devices.


SpEd. Teaching Assistant
December 31, 2017

I like Shake-a- Phrase it’s a fun interactive language learning tool. It will help my students to read the silly entertaining sentences, learn the meaning of unfamiliar words, create their own writing,test their knowledge of the parts of speech and, share language arts fun with friends and, family.