Science Friendzy


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Science education can be fun and learning about Science is now easy with this fun and interactive app.

Let’s Leap Ahead features the best-selling line of educational books sold in North America. Our Science and other educational apps have quickly become the most sought-after educational apps by parents and teachers nationwide!

Kids learn Science lessons playing alone, with friends, or with other kids around the world. Parents can view their child’s Science scores as well as the time they’ve spent playing.

We feature the top 100 Science students every day!

Science Friendzy includes:

  • 1st Grade Science curriculum
  • 2nd Grade Science curriculum
  • 3rd Grade Science curriculum
  • 4th Grade Science curriculum
  • 5th Grade Science curriculum
  • 6th Grade Science curriculum
  • 7th Grade Science curriculum
  • 8th Grade Science curriculum and much, much more!


Plan Price Details
Science Friendzy Free Compatible with iOS devices.
Science Amateur Challenger $0.99 In-app purchase.
Science Casual Challenger $4.99 In-app purchase.
Science Serious Challenger $9.99 In-app purchase.
Science Extreme Challenger $19.99 In-app purchase.


Technology Coordinator
December 11, 2014

This tool is a good app for science practice. It allows for students to compete against themselves or others and also is leveled for different skill sets.

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