Schoology is the ultimate way to manage lessons, engage students, share content, and connect with other educators.

With Schoology, educators can do things as simple as posting assignments, quizzes and links to additional resources or as sophisticated as conducting online courses, providing one-on-one remediation, or hosting discussions.

Schoology connects students and parents to educators and learning resources anytime, anywhere in a safe, secure online environment.

Manage lessons, homework and activities with ease

  • Choose from a variety of content types
  • Embed rich text and media
  • Import existing content
  • Structure, organize, and release content automatically

The greatest technology in the world won't improve teaching and learning if it's not used.

Schoology offers powerful technology that's easy-to-use and even easier to implement.

  • Embed media and post quick updates
  • Engage students and foster conversation
  • Provide real-time access to academic material

Creating, organizing, and finding content is simple

  • Create and organize material
  • Link your Google Docs
  • Share material with other educators
  • Search, browse, and integrate public content

Creating and managing tests & quizzes is hard. Let us help!

  • Create a variety of questions and types
  • Randomize/customize for extra security
  • Score questions and enter grades automatically
  • Provide direct student feedback
  • Analyze results by student, question, or class

Seeing is believing. Evaluate how students use your class.

  • Generate graphs of user activity
  • Drill down into specific content and users
  • Understand where students spend the most time


Plan Price Details
Free Account Free Basic management & administrative features.
Limited Admin 1 free per school Basic management & administrative features, privacy controls & word filters, basic user management, and data import & export.
Enterprise Contact for a quote Advanced management & administrative features at the school & district levels.


November 28, 2017

I use this tool as a learning management environment for my classroom. Students are able to work through their units at their own pace. This allows me to work with struggling students and at the same time encourage those flying by to advance their studies further. Schoology has a strength in making it easy for the elementary student navigate their site. In addition, the Google Drive Assignments allow for an instantaneous feedback where the user can also provide gamification badges directly in Schoology. In my situation, I customize Schoology by making everything easily accessible to my students. I create a folder of challenges that students personalize to their learning.

I would recommend Schoology to any district with a 1:1 computing initiative because it brings the learning experience full circle through the ease of use and the incredible workflow that allows it to be the district’s one stop shop.

District Staff Development Coordinator
June 21, 2017

I currently use Schoology for professional development needs throughout my district. I create varying modules on edtech tools and pedagogy trends that teachers can access and complete at any time they like, and work throughout the year to complete at their own pace. Previously, I used Schoology as a classroom management/organization tool, then proceeded to use all of its tools within to gamify my high school English classroom. Schoology boasts a lot of nice features- enhanced google drive integration( coming soon), online test/quiz builder, badge creation, and an embed code feature to integrate other edtech tools. You have the ability to share things with the whole class, or groups/individuals, however, you are unable to share an entire unit/folder of stuff with an individual. This makes it a tedious task when assigning individual materials to individual students. Currently, I have customized Schoology to best fit my current district’s needs with professional development. I have continued to revamp our professional development model to include a fun, gamified atmosphere. Comparing Schoology to other LMS programs out there, I would HIGHLY recommend Schoology to others in education. There is a wealth of tools and abilities housed within that truly make it a personalized learning space.

District & Building Technology Coach
October 4, 2016

We are using Schoology as the perfect compliment to our 1:1 Initiative with Chromebooks at the middle school level. Our students have been collaborating for years but Schoology gives them more access to materials, organized resources and a way to communicate with teachers. Schoology has given our students and teachers what they need to maintain a digital classroom while offering so much more. We are using it to create team pages, blogging, parent updates, communication, assessments, data review and progress monitoring. I would recommend Schoology to anyone for its robust capabilities, simple customization and ease of use.

December 22, 2015

I’ve used several different LMS’s over the years (Blackboard, Angel, Moodle…)  When I tried Schoology I was pleasantly surprised by the easy of use, clean interface, simplicity. Imports common course cartridges from other LMS’s easily. (Even Moodle mbz files.)  Media library takes a variety of different video types, converts them (ala YouTube) to a format that will play online on multiple devices.  The iPad app works cleanly and can do just about everything the web app does – it’s not a stripped down version. In fact, I know many teachers that prefer the iPad version to…

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January 24, 2015

So far Schoology has been the only LMS that has met the majority of my needs: Easy, Flexible, Aligned, Parent connection, Shareable with other teachers, calendar, grades (total points or weighted), Rubric Grading if wanted, Paperless, Google Drive integration, Assessment tools, and so much more. Oh yeah, FREE. That is music to my ears. Students are as engaged as you allow. If you utilize the features Schoology offers, they will be quite engaged. Most common comment from students: “Everyday I know exactly what is going on in class.” The only fault I see is that it sometimes gets “stuck” loading something and I have to refresh the page and reload. I highly recommend Schoology.

July 13, 2013

Unbelievable classroom tool! Our entire school uses the website for our classes to keep track of grades and attendance, keep students and parents up-to-date on daily activities, provide copies of important files and links, create discussion boards to aid student discussion, assess students with online tests/quizzes, and much more! The Schoology team is always listening to its users and tries to update their site to fit everyone’s needs. They also have apps for apple and android devices. Our teachers love the fact that teachers, students, and parents can all have separate log ins so parents can see their children’s grades and attendance and keep track of the class with them. We also love the facebook-like messaging system within the site to allow easy contact with parents and students. I highly recommend this to every teacher I meet! It is an unbeatable system!

Technology Coordinator
October 24, 2012

Full-function classroom management tool, social networking platform, online learning tool. API integration with other popular apps. Instructional components are free for teachers and students. Parents can join student courses to follow along and monitor child progress. Facebook-like in appearance and navigation. Easy to use and easy to teach. One-stop document workflow. Classroom communication can be public or private. Mobile apps for Android or iOS. Outstanding collection of resources, many helpful groups to learn with! Highly recommend this excellent learning tool –