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School Counselor Central provides your School Counseling Department with unmatched Management Tools, easy-to-use Comprehensive Model building, and a Professional Development environment with your colleagues and peers.

School Counseling Model

School Counselor Central organizes and maintains the School Counseling Comprehensive Program in the areas of:

  • Foundation
  • Management
  • Delivery
  • Accountability

System Support

School Counselor Central provides school counselors with the tools to manage current practice through:

  • Personalized Learning Plan and Student Graduation Tracker
  • My Reports - Weekly Counseling Services, Student Meetings, Lesson Creator
  • My Students - Profiles, Graduation Track
  • Professional Development Resources
  • School Counselor Community Forums


Single User License
Subscription is for a single school counselor user in a school. No additional per-user, per-counselor, or per-student fees. One flat fee covers all. Includes 2-week free trial demo.
Local School District System
Subscription per local school district boundary lines of attendance (encompasses an elementary, middle and high school) under a local school board of education supervision. One account on School Counselor Central would support a local school district. Includes 2-week free trial demo.
City or County School District System
Subscription for each school district boundary lines of attendance (encompasses an elementary, middle and high school) under the city or county board of education supervision. City and County school systems have many school districts and each would have to establish their own accounts on School Counselor Central. Includes 2-week free trial demo.


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