Read With Me


Read With Me was created by a team of teachers and developers who are tired of the endless piles of paperwork when doing reading fluency assessments.


  • Assess using any web device
  • Playback reading session with students
  • Set goals and monitor growth
  • Track errors and miscues
  • Manage groups and classes
  • Import any text


  • Practice fluency at home on any web device
  • Keep track of miscues
  • Record and listen to own reading
  • Share with peers
  • Self assessment shared with parents and teachers


  • Receive updates on child's progress
  • View videos and full reports
  • Use any web device!
  • Stay connected to teachers and goals
  • Assess own children
  • Help teacher flip testing


Plan Price Details
Read With Me Free Free for use
Read With Me Fluency $2.99 Compatible with iPad.


March 10, 2014

This app is so great for assessing students! I use it in my classroom for reading assessment. On weakness though, is that you can’t always have two ipads in your classroom to use this app. If a teacher is lucky enough, I think this is a must-have app for every classroom.