Rally.org makes it easy for individuals, groups, social causes, schools, and non-profit organizations to fundraise online. There are no time limits to your crowdfunding campaign, allowing you to raise funds indefinitely. On Rally.org, anyone can raise money for something they care about.

Using Rally.org is easy! Sign up to create your online fundraiser, share your fundraising website with friends and family, and then start collecting online donations without mandatory rewards or deadlines.

Rally.org removes the friction between getting inspired and giving money, making it easy for supporters to donate when they read a moving story, view a personal photo, or watch a powerful video.

Rally.org helps you quickly create an effective, attractive, social donation page. Your donation page accepts credit cards and eCheck payments online. All donation details and fundraising progress is available to review on your dashboard. Donation pages have social sharing tools built in to them so donors can share your Rally with their friends and motivate them to give as well!

Rally.org helps you build a network of supporters who want to stay updated about your progress. When you share messages, photos, and videos, your supporters receive an email update and have an opportunity to join the conversation about your Rally.

Rally.org empowers your supporters to raise money for you! If supporters decide to become Fan Fundraisers, they can personalize a version of your Rally to share with their friends and family and raise money for you. They can also post their own photos, videos, and messages to show why they care.


Plan Price Details
Online Fundraiser Varies Rally.org is free to setup and charges 5.00% + credit card fees (2.9% + 30 cents) for each donation processed.