QwertyTown is a web-based keyboarding app that teaches typing and online communication skills. Students are driven to succeed by QwertyTown’s games, rewards, social motivation, powerful teacher reports, and a deep understanding of how keyboarding skills improve their lives in and out of school.

QwertyTown was created by Second Nature Learning. Founded by award-winning educators, Second Nature Learning’s mission is simple: to help students achieve literacy in the modern, digital world.


Plan Price Details
Home Users Contact for details QwertyTown offers subscriptions to our at home users or individual users as well. Take advantage of affordable pricing for a package that includes: 1 Parent and 4 student accounts; Anytime, anywhere access; Account monitoring and progress reports; Customizable lesson progression and communication features; and Guaranteed customer support.
Schools & Districts Contact for details QwertyTown offers many affordable pricing options for schools and entire districts. Contact a representative to get a quote. When your school or district signs on with QwertyTown you can expect the following great features: Anytime, anywhere access for all students, teachers, and admins; Automated roster on-boarding and management with Clever; Universal Single-Sign-On; Guaranteed customer support; Online instructional resources and teacher guides; and Customizable lesson progression and communication features.


Ed Tech Coordinator
May 20, 2016

We started using QwertyTown about 2 years ago in grades 3-6. It has proven so effective and engaging that we’ve incorporated it into our entire district grades 1-8 – about 2,100 students.

Our student are so motivated to learn keyboarding through QwertyTown’s lessons and level challenges. They absolutely love the Avatars and communication features.

Our teachers and administration really like QwertyTown for it’s easy roster management through Clever. They’re apparently releasing a new version this Fall with new features including a head to head game and Chrome App that we’re really excited about.

Academic Technology Coordinator
October 31, 2013

Good web-based application for keyboarding practice. Paid app that offers a curriculum for students to follow and ability for teachers and parents to track progress over time. Customizable benchmarks. I recommend using this tool for individual keyboarding practice. We support students keyboarding practice by creating Qwertytown accounts for students and supporting practice at home.