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QuizSlides.com is an innovative web-based platform for multiple-choice testing, launched in April 2012. It was developed in collaboration with London South Bank University in the United Kingdom, where it was used to deliver over 5,000 multiple-choice tests during private beta testing.

Why choose QuizSlides?

  • Quick and easy test creation using PowerPoint.
  • Stylish and attractive look.
  • Interactive "answer until correct" test format for quizzes.
  • Choice of test formats with or without negative marking for exams.
  • Exams can be timed.
  • Test results and statistics at a glance, and downloadable results spreadsheets.
  • Designed to work well on iPads and other touchscreen devices.


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Noe Onlus Cooperativa

President at Cooperativa Sociale Noe Onlus

Monday, September 09, 2013

Di recente creazione e diffusione, Quiz slides consente di creare quiz a scelta multipla interattivi e di salvarli in Power Point o in formato PDF. Può funzionare anche con iPad e qualsiasi tablet. Provatelo non solo per un vostro puro e semplice divertimento ma anche come supporto alle lezioni e per monitorare i progressi dei vostri studenti. E' uno strumento davvero utile ed accattivante (grazie alla possibilità di inserire disegni, immagini e diagrammi) che rileverà un esito positivo immediato.

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