Quizlet Live


Teachers — are you looking for a fun, engaging game for your classroom where students can learn from each other? That’s why we built Quizlet Live. It’s designed to bring fresh energy into the classroom.

Introducing our collaborative classroom game

  1. Pick any set to start Quizlet Live
  2. Share the join code with your class
  3. Students are assigned teams
  4. Teams sit together and start playing
  5. Teams race each other to win!
  6. Learn how to do better each time

Build Soft Skills…

  • Work Together – Students work together to find the term that matches the definition – since none of them have all of the answers.
  • Enhance Communication – Students lean in, stay focused, and communicate to win. Everyone on the team must contribute.

…and Hard Skills

  • Reinforce Vocabulary – Students work in small teams to learn a Quizlet study set and race against the rest of their class.
  • Accuracy Over Speed – Quizlet Live encourages accuracy over speed. If a team matches incorrectly, they have to start over from the beginning.


Plan Price Details
Quizlet Live Free Free for use.