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QuizFlight Team
7:46 PM (22 minutes ago)
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Hi there,

I would like to share a brief information about QuizFlight.

QuizFlight is a brand new platform for educators and teachers.

Platform allows you to create gamified quizzes and flashcards.

You can enrich content with a lot of media support such as; mic, photo, video, audio, formulas and more.

You can also manage your workspaces in order to organise your content easily.

QuizFlight is also supporting internal communities which enables you to create your own community and share your quizzes with your co-workers and they can use it in their classes.

QuizFlight has a great Google ClassRoom integration in order to manage your classes.

Let’s give more information about quizzes;

QuizFlight has rich options for questions like multiple questions, checkboxes, true/false, Polls, and photo options.

You can also draw your question with your Apple pen :)

If you don’t have enough time to create questions then no problem, QuizFlight lets you import your questions from Excel or paper photos via OCR .

QuizFlight also provides a great sound support for blind learners and they can complete quizzes without any disabilities.

You can use it everywhere with any device types such as: Phone, Tablet, Desktop and Smart-Board.

Happy Quizzing!



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QuizFlight Free Free for use.


August 2, 2022

Great platform for students and teachers!