Quill is a non-profit organization committed to providing free tools to make your students better writers. We help you engage students in the writing process through web applications teaching grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills. We have a teacher dashboard that shows you how your students are progressing on the Common Core standards, saving you many hours per week in grading.

Using the teacher dashboard, you can pick from over 150 activities built from 42 Common Core standards and view the results through a mastery-based system. Some of our most popular activities include comma usage, capitalization, verb tense agreement, and commonly confused words.

Each activity takes 10 minutes in length, and students typically complete their assignments in class. After completing an assignment, students receive instant feedback on their work. The instant feedback is valuable because they can review which concepts they understand and which ones they are struggling to master. The instantaneous grading system allows you to provide individualized instruction for your students who need the most in-class help, while giving advanced practice to students who are ready for more challenging materials.


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October 3, 2018

I have been reviewing the lessons and assessments available on Quill so that I can use them with my ELL students. At this point, I have found the site’s functionality to be less than desirable.

I waited over 45 minutes to “chat” with a customer service rep after they initiated contact. I never got a reply and the chat box indicated that my question was not seen.

I took the ELL diagnostic assessment and when finished the system gave me a 500 error which told me to go back to the home page and try my request again. When I did that the program put me back at the start of the ELL diagnostic assessment page where I could assign or preview.

I took the sentence combining diagnostic, which has a high degree of overlap with the ELL diagnostic assessment, and when finished, the program simply went into an endless loop of thinking as it tried to save and report the results.

I’m still exploring the site and will update this review based on my findings.