Puppet Pals 2


Magical Movie Making! Taken to the next level.

Following the insanely popular award winning Puppet Pals app, we bring you an all NEW and improved magical app that will spark the creativity in everyone. Simply pick out a location, then drag your characters around and record your very own movie! It’s so easy. Characters automagically talk when you do. They walk around at your command, pose their arms and legs, and can do just about anything you can think of. Ride a horse, a zebra, or a ton of different vehicles. Interact with other characters using real physics. Use your own images to create an endless supply of new characters.

  • Characters walk and talk!
  • Use your own photos for heads!
  • Fully pose-able limbs!
  • Ride a wide variety of vehicles (camels, giraffes, planes, cars and more)
  • Tons of musical soundtracks to set the mood
  • Explore different terrains and settings
  • Experience low gravity on the moon

Good news for parents and teachers. Puppet Pals 2 has been fully thought out to support learning and creative play in a wide variety of areas. Characters range from Mark Twain to Amelia Earheart, from the Pharaohs of Egypt to Napolean and Ceasar (some characters will be rolled out in future free updates). Endless opportunities to engage the creative minds of all ages. Just a few suggested learning uses for Puppet Pals 2 are:

  • Create short instructional videos (in any learning area)
  • Storytelling, Reports, Historic Retells
  • Help reluctant public speakers present to the class
  • Help foreign language or ESL students practice their fluency & language skills
  • Brainstorming or storyboarding ideas and presentations

The best part about Puppet Pals is that it is a ton of FUN! Create funny videos of friends and family and share them online. You’ll laugh as you create. This is a must have addition to your app library.


Plan Price Details
Puppet Pals 2: Free Free This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.
Puppet Pals 2: All Access $4.99 This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.


November 22, 2017

Great for any age