PrepAI helps the content leaders and exam administrators in saving time and reducing human errors while generating the question papers for offline or online exams.

PrepAI provides supportive state assessment that boosts student achievement. Programs offer realistic assessment rehearsals as well as consistent practice based on artificial intelligence. The initiative aims to improve student learning in schools, edtech businesses and educational institutions.

Our artificial intelligence platform and collaborative platforms were developed by Edtech professionals, and innovative engineers. PrepAI uses Natural Language Processing technique for text analysis engine so the evaluation is effective and has a higher impact on the learning.

The team of product experts at PrepAI develops the best solutions for individuals and organisations based on their unique requirements. It also contributes to a rigorous study program aligned to standards that can better prepare students to succeed in assessments and improve overall school performance.


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PrepAI Free Free for use.


Head of Information Management
September 21, 2021

1. Register and Login
2. Upload content in text, PDF, Youtube video URL, video file and Wiki search
3. Click on ‘Generate Questions’
4. Select the questions you want to include in your assessment
5. Preview the question paper and save in PDF/Docx format

Head of Information Management
September 21, 2021

I am here to share some product side notes with you all.

-> PrepAI can be the next revolution in the Edtech industry providing a Test Preparation
platform where tests are prepared not by humans but by AI 🤖itself.
-> PrepAI comes in handy when it comes to saving time ⌚️ & reduce human bias.
-> PrepAI removes your recurring operational cost 💰 & time along with its instantly available

Curious about features? Ahaa! 😃 Here we go…

– Source of Input – Custom Text, PDFs, Docs, Video URLs, Video Files, Wikipedia Content
– Type of Questions – MCQs (Single Correct/ Multiple Correct), Descriptive, Statement Based
Questions, Fillups, True/False
– Difficulty Level – Easy, Medium, Hard
– Output Formats – PDF, Docs, Xlsx

– Other Features:
1. Extra Options feature to swap with the top 4 suggested options and come up with
a better quality of options.
2. Edit QAs on the go.
3. Rating for QAs.
4. Add your Questions to the platform only using pre-defined templates to create a
final question paper on one common platform, rather than using different tools.
5. Merge with previously generated Question papers as you want.

-> The platform is completely AI based, so there might be chances where you may want to
improvise things. So, you will be happy to know that the UI is made completely interactive to
enhance User Experience.
-> PrepAI in comparison to its competitors is far ahead in terms of providing quality to its users

What’s next for you?
– Conduct only tests and evaluations for students
– AI to analyze responses and come up with prescriptive analysis for improvisations in subjects,
concepts, etc.
– Global Knowledge base covering the entire mankind’s knowledge in an incremental manner
and empowering the product at the backend for more accurate and complex questions.
– Currently PrepAI is best suited for Subjective kind of contents i.e. it ignores Mathematical
equations, Chemical Reactions, Physics Numericals, Tabular Content while generating questions
from given text.
But, soon we’ll update you regarding this particular aspect.

Do share your thoughts! TIA