Posterini is an All in One Solution. Produce great professional posters in seconds together with their associated marketing and promotion (optional). Posters can be public or private and can be as simple or as complex as you like, combining templates, effects, montage, 100% customizing controls and much more.

Creating a professional marketing asset involves using a range of complex tools like photoshop and others that require hours to work with. Promoting those marketing assets can involve even more hours of research and work. With Posterini you can achieve all of that in a few seconds or minutes, all at the very same place and not having to register. Start using it fully from the first second.

Posterini can be used for many purposes including: small business promotion and marketing, event promotion, parties and celebrations, holiday posters, birthday gifts, wedding cards and posters, restaurant adverts, educational posters, course offers, short film posters and professional movie posters, magazine covers and fashion posters, dating posters, personal promotion, news announcements, job adverts, creative brainstorming and much more.


Plan Price Details
Free Free Small poster. Personalized URL gets deleted in a few days.
Premium $4.99/poster Top quality digital poster (no watermark), super large & top quality, over 4000 pixels height & 13 megapixels for the best digital quality! Personazlied page advertises your web, URL is permanent.
Featured on Promotional Wall $13.99/poster All the benefits of a Premium poster, plus your Poster & Web on the FRONT PAGE of the wall for 1 week (may be longer depending on availibility).
Extended Educational Licence Contact for details Do you need to generate a large number of Premium Posterinis? Contact us. We will prepare you a package that allows you to generate the number of Premium Posterini's you may need, over any period of time you choose. Always at at affordable prices because we believe in education.


November 13, 2013

Awesome to make posters very fast , also love its flexibility, you can change and customize every part of the process