PocketLab Voyager


PocketLab Voyager is an all-in-one science lab that is capable enough for a professional engineer and simple enough for a 4th grade student. With PocketLab Voyager, you can conduct hundreds of science experiments covering; physics, engineering, Earth science, chemistry, biology and programming.

  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Connection
  • Measures: motion, altitude, light, magnetic fields and more
  • Compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and computers

PocketLab App Features

The PocketLab App

  • Easy and intuitive to pick up and start using
  • Record and analyze data in real-time
  • Video Feature: Overlay data and video automatically (iOS only


  • Simultaneously view Velocity, Acceleration, and Distance
  • The easiest way to teach match graphs
  • Turns almost any wheel into a real time speedometer


  • Save data recordings to your CloudLab Science Notebook
  • Create and share Lab Reports that investigate questions you’re curious about
  • Compare your weather data to publically available data from weather stations


Experienced STEM educators, scientists, and educational researchers have developed the library of PocketLab activities that emphasizes the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) from 4th grade through high school. University professors and researchers have also developed AP-level and university-level experiments that dive deep into physics and engineering concepts.


Plan Price Details
PocketLab Voyager $148 What's Included? PocketLab Voyager Sensor, Protective Carrying Case, Getting Started Activity Cards, 100+ Lessons and Activities, and Micro USB charging cable.


Augmented (Mixed) Reality App developer and Physics teacher
June 21, 2019

PocketLab Voyager equips sensors like new smartphones, but this device is apart from monitor (smartphone, tablet, PC web browser), thus you can share the realtime measurement or throw the device upward. In additon, PocketLab develops a lot of teaching programs. They make teachers easy to begin their classrooms.