Pixie is the award winning authoring tool students can use to share ideas, imagination, and understanding through a combination of text, original artwork, voice narration, and images. Students can use Pixie’s paint tools, text options, clip art, and voice recording to develop storybooks, curriculum projects, videos, and so much more.

  • Pixie is a great tool for self-expression – Combining artwork with text and voice recording makes Pixie the perfect canvas for today’s digital learners.
  • Pixie motivates a wide range of learners – Pixie helps all students produce high-level work, providing a sense of pride in their abilities and fostering the determination to achieve.
  • Pixie helps students learn – Creating with technology encourages thinking, creativity, and communication skills.
  • Pixie supports strong school-to-home connections, allowing you to share projects using popular file sharing apps.
  • Pixie publishes in multiple formats – Distribute work as videos, images and HTML5 files to showcase work to the community.


Plan Price Details
Pixie $9.99 Compatible with Android devices and iPad.


June 24, 2013

We use this tool to allow students to show what they know, to illustrate, and simply to create and express themselves. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to adding text, but students love it. There is a wide variety of stickers and students can record audio to accompany their art. It is easy to create and export slideshows, movies, and podcasts.