Pipo Games


The games build up diferent areas of the school curriculum and the skills necessary for children’s learning and development.

Although the child sees these games as just games and has fun trying to solve them, from a pedagogical point of view, each one delivers a specific set of learning goals for children.

Children move forward at their own personal learning pace, depending on their age and prior knowledge.


Plan Price Details
Demo Pipo Games Free Can play free demo games online.
1 Year of Pipo Online 19,95€/year A yearly subscription to Pipo Online. VAT included.
1 Hour of Pipo Online 1,50€ + VAT/hour Send a SMS message from your mobile telephone for 1 hour of access. The first 10 SMS messages gives you 1 hour of access. Subsequent messages (11th and on) give you 15 minutes of access.


February 25, 2013

A nice site for El Ed and Preschool games.