Piper is a general use computer.

You can surf the web, play games, learn coding and electronics and access powerful programs like Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft, Scratch, Mathematica, and SonicPi. Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft is an incredible 3D design platform that encourages kids to create. Scratch is one of the most popular beginner programming languages. Piper also comes with a browser to surf the internet and LibreOffice which is a powerful utility for making documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

About the Piper Computer Kit

Piper is a computer kit that kids assemble themselves, advance through a Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft Story and learn physical engineering and electronics in the process.


Plan Price Details
Piper Computer Kit $299.99 Piper is a computer kit that lets you augment the Minecraft experience through electronics.
Piper Computer Kit STEMtrunk Rental $29/month STEMtrunk is an educational rental service. You can think of it as “Netflix for STEM education.” With STEMtrunk, learn as long as you like before sending it back and getting a new kit!