This tool is no longer in service


This tool is no longer in service.

PingPong is a smart communication tool that can assist in the interaction that occurs between students and teachers during class and can make lessons lively and enjoyable. Also, it is a tool that makes students to participate during the class.

  • Notice : 2 or more devices are needed for the full functions.
  • Outbound Port No : 80 or 49153

The Service Features of PingPong

  1. Live Response Checking

    Through different kinds of quiz, the teacher can comprehend the students’ understandings and give feedbacks, during class.

  2. Extraordinary Accessibility

    You can use PingPong Service without any condition. Also, it supports iPhone, iPad, and much more.

  3. Solid Graph System

    Automatically collects the students’ responses and provides the collected data on the graph.

  4. Provides tools for lessons.

    It provides tools that are needed during class such as connecting to Evernote, blackboard, timer, randomly choose students, and more.

The difficulties teachers face

Most students lose their concentration 20 minutes into the lesson, so it’s very difficult to make them to concentrate during class.

It is difficult to tell whether the whole class has understood the class material if only a few outstanding students are responding.

PingPong assists those teachers who are ahead!

Voluntary student responses and concentration in class can improve the class attitudes of students.

The level of achievement can be improved through immediate feedback and the teacher is able to check in real time if the class has understood the class material.

In addition, the various tools provided by PingPong can help teachers reduce their class preparation times.

The Main Features of PingPong

  • Multiple choice
  • Essay question
  • O/X
  • Drawing
  • Connect to Evernote
  • Timer
  • Random selection of Students

How to use your PingPong!

  1. When using immediate reply quiz, it is possible to question without any preparation, it verifies answer in real time by graph, and it figures the comprehension of the whole class. It provides in total of 4 types of quizzes, question, debate, vote, and more that could be used freely.
  2. You can create and set your quizzes from your very own smart devices and it’s very easy to view the results as well.
  3. You may sync your device to Evernote and conveniently use the lesson materials created from Evernote in your class.
  4. You can keep your students interested and make them concentrate in class by using useful tools such as the board, timer and the random selection of students

Make your classes enjoyable and interactive with PingPong.

  1. Every student may use their own personal devices to answer any questions given by the teacher during the lesson.
  2. The teacher will be able to see the students’ response on a graph immediately, which will enable the teacher to check if the class has understood the class material.
  3. The teacher may save on class preparation times with the various features provided by PingPong.

Make your class interactive and enjoyable with PingPong.

  1. If a teacher asks questions to the students during class, the students are able to answer these on their own devices.
  2. The teacher is immediately able to view the students’ responses on a graph and check if the class has understood the class material.
  3. Teachers are able to save on class preparation times by using the various tools and features that are provided by PingPong.

PingPong will make your class more fun and valuable. Download Now!!.

New Education Trend PingPong.

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PingPong - Smart clickers, to the next level Free Compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Educational Technology Consultant
March 5, 2014

I love this wonderful tool! If you district/school supports Bring Your Own Device then you are in for a real treat.

The set up is very easy because as a teachers you set up an account and have your students download the app and enter your class code and you are ready to go. You can ask many different types of questions and even have them submit drawings.

This app is supported on iTunes and Google Play and you can show your real time data by displaying your computer screen or smart device.

Pros: Easy to use, Great results, Quick response from students, FREE

Cons: Haven’t found any yet!

I would certainly suggest this to others as I can’t believe this is FREE!

November 22, 2013

1.How do you use this tool?
Gathering opinion from student real time.

2.What are its strengths and weaknesses?
Strength – Real time response, Evernote connect, White board.
Weakness – No quiz making tool.

3. How do you customize it for your situation?
show my note to student from Evernote then make a question

4.Would you recommend it to a colleague? Why or why not?
Yes. I would recommend it. it’s free. both IOS and Android available. Phone and tablet available too.