Pinboard is a personal archive for things you find online and don’t want to forget.

Here’s what I believe makes Pinboard better than competing sites:

  • Speed – Very fast, even if you have tens of thousands of bookmarks.
  • Hooks – Auto-import from Delicious, Instapaper, Read it Later, and others.
  • Twitter – Searchable archive of your tweets from up to three accounts.
  • Archiving – Full, working copies of every link, done better than anywhere else.
  • Uptime – Three days of unscheduled downtime since launch in July 2009.
  • Backups – Multiple data centers and frequent, tested offsite backups.
  • Privacy – No ads and no third-party content, ever. Anonymous users welcome.
  • Support – Direct via Twitter – take a look to see how I interact with users.
  • Money – A simple working business model for the long term.


Plan Price Details
Basic Account $9.95 A one-time signup fee for new members. The fee is fully refundable for three days following signup. The signup fee helps discourage spammers and defrays some of the costs of running the site.
Archival Account $25.00/year For a small annual fee, Pinboard can download and store a copy of every page you bookmark, for your own private use. Enabling archiving will also enable full-text search for your bookmarks.


September 19, 2018

As a bookmarking app, it’s a no frills solution that keeps your bookmarks.

My issue is, there is no free trial, you have to pay upfront. This is made slightly better by this statement on their website

“This fee is fully refundable for three days following signup.”

Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. I requested a refund approx 10 minutes after I signed up – I could tell straight away this wasn’t the app for me (no folders) but since then (4+ wks ago and numerous attempts to contact) I have been ignored and no refund given.

So, buyer beware. I’d say check beforehand this app is for you, but unless you pay in advance, there is no way of knowing, and that is a big risk.