Pick Me!


This app makes it EASY and FUN to Randomly Pick Students!

What is Pick Me!

  • Random Student Picker
  • Tracks students answers over time
  • Email results to Teachers/Students/Parents

The Pick Me! app is the perfect tool for teachers searching for a way to track formative assessment. Pick Me! will randomly pull a students name for you to call on and after they answer the question you record whether or not it was correct using the thumbs up or incorrect using thumbs down. The data is saved and ready to export to your email account at the end of class. With different settings, you can set Pick Me! to remove students that answer questions correctly or leave them in for additional chances. Simply load your roster and you’re ready to go! Pick Me! was developed by teachers for teachers.

Import Class Lists

  • Use DropBox to import your class lists using a simple csv file.

To use Dropbox:

  1. Make a CSV file for each class with these five headers:

    First Name | Last Name | Notes | Parent E-mail | Student E-mail

  2. Save the CSV to your dropbox account
  3. When you add/edit a course tap the button for ‘Import from Dropbox’


Plan Price Details
Pick Me! $1.99 Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.