Who we are? If you want to search through millions of stock images taken by thousands of photographers. Sorry. You are not in the right place, We don’t have millions of images, and this site is only the work of one photographer and one artist.

There are a large number of resources online for finding stock photos, calligraphy, and graphics designs. But sometimes the quality you need will not be there. But when you buy Images and license content from you know you will be getting quality and premium content that you can’t find somewhere else, We are committed to providing high quality images and unsurpassed customer support. is the premier source for high-quality stock photos and graphic designs, Our images collection is including Animals, Architecture, Arts, Backgrounds and Textures, Calligraphy, Nature and Landscape, Macro and Objects, People, Religion, Travel, Vector Designs, and many other image libraries.

We have a unique and exclusive collection of photos, calligraphy, and graphics designs created by us, This collection of images can be licensed directly to you from the exclusive owner in easy and in quickly way for any of your publications and projects. is the leading marketplace of stock photos, handwritten calligraphy, and vector illustrations.

We founded WestLord Media back in 2004, creating images, websites, and graphics designs to our customers, we wanted to make it a better experience for customers to download a quality stock photos, we Launched in 2008 as our primary photos store, and in 2015 we have transferred all stock images to our online store at

  • Our mission … is to create, invest, and maintain an exclusive collection of the best quality and high resolution images.
  • Our vision … the primary benefit of super premium images is that they are less common, so you’re always sure to get the best stock photos online.
  • Our goal … is to make Photos5 one of the best places to buy stock images. (STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY) is a brand name owned by I. HamDan (WestLord Media), Originally it was created by (Sam Mugraby) a freelance stock photographer artist who specializes in photography, art, calligraphy, graphics and web designs; working international, and nearly a decade later, our team has grown and so has our community.

We are the exclusive owners of all of our images and we are the original creators, we sell and license only our own work and our stock photos, Our team have generated thousands of stock images designs in order to supply our clients who demand super consistent, assignment quality, and affordable stock photography. provides a wide variety of stock photography available for commercial, educational, and personal use with various licensing options, has one of the highest quality stock photos for the lowest price on the market.

We have extensive experience in product, still life, landscape and fine art photography which are always a creative inspiration to us, and we have an extensive image archive covering these and many other subjects available for licensing and ordering. is a repository for premium stock photos, High quality stock pictures files are provided to you with special prices, and you may use these images for almost any commercial purpose under the terms and conditions, All photos are available with an unique, flexible licenses which lets you use them almost any way you please. For more information about our Licenses or image usage restrictions you can always contact support.

It is our hope that designers, photographers, students and others will use the images to make their ideas clearer, While we’re trying to have our galleries getting bigger, we are thrilled with progress to date and we are proud of the team that’s making it happen. Take a look at our images and we hope you’ll see why.


Plan Price Details
Standard License $75 per image The Standard license allows you to use the downloaded stock photo file for the creation of all kinds of items with unlimited digital reproduction and electronic use, and up to 100,000 limit for printed reproduction copies, (The license is not for Items for Resale, or Items for Distribution, Prints on Demands).
Extended License $200 per image The Extended license includes all permitted uses under the Standard license, and extend the limits up to 500,000 printed copies, and allows you to use the downloaded File for the creation of Items for Resale (Allowed with Attribution).
Enhanced License $750 per image The Enhanced license includes all permitted uses under the Standard and the Extended license, does not have any limits on the number of copies, prints or displays and allows you to use the downloaded File for the creation of Items for Resale or Items for Distribution.


District Library Coordinator; Lead Cataloger
April 3, 2017

A site to turn to when others fail you. Large collection of stock photos, many in high definition, but mostly not free. However, can be useful when you can’t find what you are looking for in the free sites, and some images are not too pricey.