Pebble Pad


PebblePad is much more than an eportfolio. It is a Personal Learning Space being used in learning contexts as diverse as schools, colleges, universities and professional bodies; by learners, teachers and assessors; for Personal Development Planning, Continuing Professional Development, and Learning, Teaching and Assessment.

PebblePad has been designed with the learner at the center of the system. It provides scaffolding to help users create records of learning, achievement, and aspiration, and has a reflective structure underpinning all of its core elements.

PebblePad supports personal learning whilst providing a powerful suite of tools to improve learning in institutional contexts. Conversation, communication and collaboration are easy in PebblePad; items can be shared with trusted individuals, published to group pages, or made public to the world-wide web.

Over time users can create, store, and review multiple assets which can be aggregated into powerful presentational ‘eportfolios' to provide rich stories of learning or achievement for myriad purposes including:

  • Assessment (formal and informal)
  • Advancement (promotion or transition)
  • Appraisal (self – peer – 360)
  • Accreditation (professional bodies)
  • Application (course, job, funding)
  • Articulation (informative story telling)


Plan Price Details
Pebble Pad Personal $32/yr 1 year access to your personal PebblePad account, shared installation of PebblePad on our server, storage space for uploaded files dependent on package selected, unlimited number of PebblePad assets, daily backup of all user data, all PebblePad upgrades, email technical support.
Pebble Pad School Contact for pricing All the features of the personal account plus admin access, profile creation facilities, form creation facilities.


April 9, 2017

Creating a site for a project Pebblepad is poor.

Infuriating to use, it can’t even get the copy&paste function right. Copying one sentence and pasting it into a tex box will result in it repeating the sentence 9 TIMES. How can you do anything with this.

The tools are poor. Thank god the Uni pays for the subscription because if I had to pay I would be severly dissapointed.

So tempramental, I have never got so angry when trying to use this website.

Would not recommend.