Pages '09 is both a streamlined word processor and an easy-to-use page layout application. It allows you to be a writer one minute and a designer the next, always with a perfect document in the works.

Pages starts with an enhanced Template Chooser that lets you skim through more than 180 Apple-designed templates. You can easily create stunning documents, ranging from a simple letter to a professionally polished resume to a newsletter and more. Or start with a blank page and create your own design on a free-form canvas. Whatever you write, Pages puts powerful tools at your fingertips. So you can create beautiful, media-rich documents in minutes.

Streamlined word processor

  • Simple interface that lets you launch and start typing in seconds
  • Paragraph and character styles
  • Automatic list formatting
  • Flexible structure for creating any type of document with section, layout, and page breaks
  • Table of contents

Advanced writing tools

  • Full-screen view
  • Outline mode
  • Seamless integration with MathType 6 and EndNote X4*
  • Change tracking
  • Mail merge with Address Book or Numbers
  • Spell checker and proofreader
  • Search view
  • Page Navigator
  • Word processing utilities including word count and automatic page numbering

Great-looking documents in minutes

  • Over 180 Apple-designed templates
  • Advanced Template Chooser
  • iLife Media Browser for quick access to iLife photos, movies, and music
  • Powerful graphics tools including Instant Alpha, masking, and photo adjustments
  • Tables with headers, cell formatting, and calculations
  • 2D and 3D charts
  • Typography features including smart quotes, ligatures, and automatic scaling

Powerful page layout

  • Free-form graphics canvas
  • Control over text flow with linked text boxes
  • Text wrapping

Compatibility and sharing

  • Import and export Microsoft Word documents
  • Send as a Pages, Word, or PDF file directly to email
  • Share online using public beta
  • Import AppleWorks word processing documents
  • Export PDF and ePub files
  • Import and export RTF documents
  • Import a wide range of media types including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, EPS, PDF, AIFF, MP3, AAC, and MOV

* MathType and EndNote both sold separately. EndNote integration requires plug-in available from Pages support link.

Some features may require Internet access; additional fees and terms may apply.

iWork does not include support for some Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (CJK) text input features such as vertical text.


Plan Price Details
Pages for Mac $19.99 This app is designed for Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.
Pages for iOS $9.99 This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.


Online English and Biology Teacher
September 12, 2012

Since I uploaded Pages on my iPad, things have become more comfortable for me. I can create great looking documents with the help of the various templates available on Pages. It is a virtual publishing tool that can be downloaded for a nominal fee, and is quite easy to use. It also offers iLife browser that provides an easy access to pictures and videos. I found the 2Dand 3D chart making tool very useful, as, with its help, I could easily explain some difficult concepts to my High School students. The only drawback is that some of its tools are functional only when you are online. However, the variety of templates and tools that are offered on Pages makes it a great educational and professional tool.

Early Childhood Ed Teacher and Freelance Copy Editor
August 29, 2012

Pages has turned my iPad into a nice clean writing surface with the ability to use a nice set of tables, basic editing tools, templates, and image placement. With Pages uploaded on my iPad, I finally have a word processor that I can take with me anywhere.

Creating new documents using this tool is an easy process, but moving documents from your computer to your iPad isn't nearly as simple. I am disappointed that Pages is not integrated with external cloud storage such as Drop Box. The other downside to using Pages on the iPad is that you lose the tool bar when you are in landscape mode. All of the formatting tools are located on the tool bar, so you will probably be in portrait mode more than you like.

Pages has some annoying features, but overall I recommend Pages for people who need to use their iPads as writing tools.

August 29, 2012

This is a great tool. I have used it when doing teacher observations. I script part of the conversations that the teacher has with students, as she facilitates student learning. I embed pictures from the observation into the document. When I review the observation with the teacher, I have visual and verbal information to share with the teacher.

middle school teacher
April 23, 2012

I use it for most word processing on mac and on ipad. Students can learn it easily as well. Before Lion, it could open up old appleworks files. With Lion it can no longer do that.

April 21, 2012

Again, a useful entry level tool for publishing tasks, I use it on the iPad for quick publications, compares favorably with MS Publisher, but lacks the higher order tools provided by Adobe.

April 20, 2012

So easy to use. I can move pictures and video around at my leisure. I really like the ease of use.

April 19, 2012

I use it to make simple image heavy documents. I find it to be very good at editing and moving images. It doesn't have the tools like Adobe Indesign or Illustrator, but it has some similar features with a much higher learning curve.