The NoodleTools platform is an integrated environment for teaching effective research and encouraging original thinking and writing. Our process feels natural and intuitive, flexibly scaffolding the way you teach.

How does NoodleTools Work?

Teacher environment and support: Through the Dropbox, a teacher or group of teachers can set up an online classroom that mirrors the actual classroom experience.

Note taking and outlining: On the Notecard Tabletop, students create, tag, pile and link notecards in ways specifically designed to make connections, develop original ideas and articulate arguments.

Source evaluation and bibliography generation: Notecards are visibly linked to source information, thereby preventing accidental plagiarism. Within the NoodleTools bibliography area, accurate citations are rapidly generated in MLA, APA, and Chicago formats. "Show Me" online teaching modules guide students through the process of identifying source types and recognizing relevant and credible information.

Group collaboration: Virtual group work models a real classroom process. Any number of students can work on a project simultaneously from different locations, view each other's changes in real time, and compile notecards and ideas.

There are three levels within NoodleTools – Starter, Junior, and Advanced – designed to match the expertise of your students as they grow from novices to independent scholars. At each level, we've built in appropriate advice for identifying, evaluating and citing sources. Choose the version that's right for your classroom, individual student, or subset of learner (ELL/ESL, gifted, AP, LD, etc.).

Trial subscriptions are available for educators.


Plan Price Details
Individual $15/year Access for an individual and immediate family, including citation, note-taking, outlining and source evaluation. Expert online and offline assistance included.
Single teacher Contact for pricing Unlimited access for a single instructor and his/her students.
College/University Contact for pricing Unlimited access for students and instructors at a single college/university campus.
Single campus (K-12) Contact for pricing Unlimited access for students and instructors on a single ES, MS, HS, or K-12 campus.
Full district (K-12) Contact for pricing Unlimited access for all students and instructors within a K-12 district. Requires participation by all middle and high schools in the district. Offers discount of up to 20% compared to single campus rates. Elementary schools receive free access.
Consortium Contact for pricing NoodleTools already works with a number of consortia throughout the country. Please give us a call at 650-561-4071 if you would like to offer NoodleTools to your member schools at the best possible rates.